Minimize Me: 10 Diets to Lose 25 lbs in 50 Days


The autobiographical tale of a serial crash-dieter who came up with a cunning plan to overcome the monotony of dieting. Andy realised that every diet he had ever been on had failed because he got bored.

What if he were to tackle the boredom head on? Surely he would have a better chance of success if he were to regularly change his diet plan.

The result? A self-imposed challenge to try out 10 different diets in an effort to lose 25 lbs in just 50 days.

With the help of a long suffering wife and a truly inspirational young nutritionist, the book describes the ups and downs of a serial crash-dieter. It is a ‘warts and all’ account that focuses on the funnier side of dieting. Think of it as the reverse of ‘Supersize Me’.

In this true life tale of witless weight-loss, Andy explains in intimate detail what it’s like to suffer crash diet after crash diet and exactly how he came to end up in hospital.

Andy Leeks is author of the bestselling book “As They Slept – The comical tales of a London commuter” and he continues to write all of his books on the train.

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