Herbalife Total Control Weightloss Supplement 90 Tablets

Total Control®


Boost your metabolism, as well as build energy and alertness, with this blend of high quality tea extracts and ginger.

Key Benefits

*Boost metabolism
*Build energy and alertness
*Kosher Certified


Advanced ephedra free and citrus aurantium free formula to build energy, boost metabolism and support your weight loss program.


Take one tablet three times per day Take one tablet with breakfast, one tablet with lunch, and one tablet with a mid-afternoon snack.

Contains the following key ingredients.

*Green, black and oolong tea blend contributes naturally occurring caffeine to help boost metabolism and build energy.
Ginger, for digestive calming benefit
Contains a proprietary blend of herbs and nutrients that help,
*Boost metabolism
*Build energy and alertness
Made with high-quality tea extracts.
Tablet form.

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